Cyrilia is a multi-genre bending, singer-songwriter and performer from Trinidad-Tobago whose voice channels the multi-cultural history of her homeland: Indian, Spanish, African, British, Chinese, and French. Like many of her musical heroes, such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Cyrilia’s musical beginnings originate with the spirituals and gospel music she learned in church as a child, and her vocal delivery effortlessly blends the pristine phrasing of her heroes as well as the rhythmic calypso and melodic gumbo of Trinidad-Tobago. The sonic textures of her songs explore the emotional tapestry of our daily lives: introverted and extroverted, love and bitterness, compassion and greed, vulnerability and bravery, yet they are infused with momentum, shine like sunlight after rain, and defiantly speak truth to power with authenticity while celebrating the sweetness of life despite trauma and adversity. Since 2015, Cyrilia has been based in Asia, first in Beijing, China and later in Busan, South Korea, where she now resides. She has been steadily composing, performing, connecting with diverse audiences and furthering her musical career. Her first single, “Are You the One for Me” was released in 2019 on her EP “This is Me”. Her latest single, “Angels Singing,” a song dedicated to inspiring women to positively embrace their sexuality, was released in May of 2020, and her next single “So Empty” has scintillated the airwaves on September 21, 2020. In November 2021, the Trinidadian Songstress, teamed up with the Verdugo Brothers known as (VRDGO), to release a single titled "Sweet Nothing," a cover of Calvin Harris' dance hit track. 

VRDGO Feat Cyrilia - Sweet Nothing, surpassed the biggest names in electronic and dance music to claim the #1  spot on Beatports Mainstage Category and charted in the top 100 EDM charts in Japan, Berlin & Vietnam. 

Cyrilia has survived troubled waters and has arrived boldly into our collective now. She is here to stay, determined to sing from her heart until it runs out of beats. Catch her live or via social media as soon as you can. Her eyes are already on the future. Please visit her website for professional inquiries: