Cyrilia – Angels Singing (French Version)

I added this also in french version to please m french audience.

I thought I’d learn this song in Spanish for my latin community.

I have landed in America, my new home.

Welcome to my new Portal where you can find everything about me, Cyrilia!

This is a tribute cover to @JosephineBakerTube
and @HarryBelafonteVEVO .

Thank you so much to @Isatorresbeats for this dope instrumental.. be sure to subscribe 🥰🥰🥰

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Written & Performed by Cyrilia

Produced by & Darrell Nutt

Mix & Master
Prince – (Portland Underground Recording)

Darrell Nutt (Drums)



I really enjoyed this movie and it holds a lot of sentimental value to me this, and in particular this song . So I you hope you enjoy my life performance cover.

Special thanks to @metricmusic
And also @Dannywhitecare for the instrumental

Special thanks to @pieperbeats for this dope instrumental.